We are experts in the following:

  • Freight forwarding
  • International cars shipping
  • Export of boats, motorcycles in containers overseas worldwide
  • Ro-Ro (Roll On – Roll Off) Service
  • Online monitoring of cargo
  • International transport of all materials by land, air, and ocean
  • Cargo delivery from door to door
  • International transport of personal cargo
  • Filing of documentation and customs paperwork
  • Tax claim in the name of our clients to recuperate the consummation taxes paid on exported goods.

Depending on their dimensions, up to 3 (three) vehicles may be loaded into a single container. Luxury, expensive vehicles should shipped 2 (two) per container. It’s technically possible to load 4 (four) vehicles per container, but we don’t recommend this type of shipments for new cars. Usually this type of shipment is used in the case of accidental cars.
Vehicles are loaded and secured in sea multimodal containers individually or consolidated with other motorized cargo. As a rule, rates offered include port fees at origin. Most of the time prices in quotes do not include storage fees, related charges and fees at the overseas destination.
If multiple vehicles of different makes and models need to be transported, the rate is quoted as per container for the most efficient shipping arrangement. The quote will outline the number of cars that will be loaded in a container as well as all the loading fees and customs formalities.
Freight costs of smaller motorized vehicles such as ATV’s, motorcycles, jet skies and snowmobiles usually equate to those of small size cars, but the actual figures must be reconfirmed upon a booking request. As a rule, 8 motorcycles may be loaded into a 20’ container, or 18 into a 40’ one.

Safety Rules
1. All fluids must drained from the vehicle and fumes perged from the gas tank, the battery disconnected and the battery terminal cables secured.
2. Keys may not be left inside the vehicle.
3. Vehicle cab and trunk space may be used for additional storage.
4. VIN number may not be obstructed and must be clearly visible

“Roll On/Roll Off” is a term for a shipping approach that involves wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trailers and railway carriages being driven on and off a shipping vessel. Vessels capable of accepting cargo RO-RO come equipped with built-in ramps which allow vehicles to be efficiently rolled on and off the ship. Generally, vehicles targeted for the RO-RO mode of transportation should be operational and are expected to be able to make their way onto the vessel under their own power. While it’s possible to RO-RO inoperable vehicles, additional towing and handling charges will apply.

You need to ship car from Canada or US to other country?
No problem, we are here to provide you the service and assist you from the beginning to the end of your project.
But before you start you need to know some basic information.
1)      You need to have “title” (certificate of title, salvage certificate, salvage title, destruction certificate) for the car;
2)      “Consignee” (receiver) information: name, last name, address, phone number, email address. For some country importing you may need passport number. If car will be received by some company, make sure you have company name, address, phone number, fax number, email address and contact person, you may also need local tax identification number, some countries Customs require this information before vehicle arrived;
3)      You should check the “title” (certificate of title, salvage certificate, salvage title, destruction certificate) for the car, sometimes, when car was owned by the bank or credit company there is a lien record on the title for the vehicle, usually, when vehicle is paid to the lien holder, title will have a stamp about or additional lien release letter given to the borrower. You can always check with us your documents for the vehicle before the shipment;
4)      If vehicle was made less than 3 years before the shipping, you should have bill of sale from the dealer or the seller, if it was recently purchased (most cases it is enough to have a copy of bill of sale), in case if you owned this vehicle more than 6 month before the shipment, you don’t need to have bill of sale;
5)      If you have something inside the car, such as auto parts or some personal belongs, please have some information about (short description, for example: set of tires or box with used personal clothes), if somebody else besides vehicle receiver should receive it, we need to have his (her) information as well. However, vehicle shipped RORO cannot be shipped with personal belongs;
6)   As long as vehicles comply with all the shipping guidelines, we will handle all remaining shipping formalities including customs clearance. Upon successful customs clearance, all shipping documents shall be returned back to the shipper or (if requested) forwarded directly to a consignee or to a destination receiving terminal.

We are making photos, when cars arriving to our location and on the loading. Customers can see all photos and information online-accounts.

Getting started
1)      Check port you want to ship to, we can ship to closest port, if price is too high for this port or advise where it is better to ship to save your time and money.
2)      Check what you may need when you importing car to the destination. Destination country may have some special requirements or import tax, it is better to be ready before you started your shipment.
3)      Check, if you have some packages, what can you import, and how much, if any customs fee can be applied to your shipment.
4)      Make sure you can import your cargo or vehicle to the destination country, some country are not accept some cargo or vehicle imports (year, engine size, vehicle condition).
5)      To some destination you may need to find the company that can help you with import documentation.
6)      Decide when you need to ship your cargo, how long it can take to get to the destination.
7)      Contact us, if you need transportation of your cargo to our warehouse or port.
8)      Have receiver information and check vehicle documents when delivering car, we will always advise can cargo be shipped with the documents you have or you will need some additional paperwork. It is not complicated, but the paperwork has to be prepared for the shipping, and we will always help you with that.

Managing your account
When you become our customer, we will provide access to your web-account. You can check you cargo list, see photos of your cargo, check the invoices and balances, check cargo status. You can see cargo list in “view order” page. You contact and balance information is at “customer” page, you can export balance information to excel file, if you need to. You can also check any single cargo information at “view order” page, where you can open single cargo, check the status of it, additional information about this cargo and pictures. You can contact us, if you have any question or difficulties seeing your account